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This page is updated when we release a new public version of the game. The HEX-XXXX text refers to the issue/bug tracking code on our internal project management systems.

Patch notes - Beneath The Six - V0.4.10.22


  • Multiplayer functionality added to Arena
  • Electric Golem enemy added
  • Added the option to manually end your turn so you can perform skills after consuming all action points (single-player only)
  • New player animations
  • Players can now emote
  • Added new rogue skill: Masquerade
  • Added new rogue skill: Trap Door
  • Added new character with masquerade
  • Added multiple new potion items
  • Added throwable bomb item
  • Added confusion status effect
  • Flower beast now confuses players who are standing next to it
  • Added randomised scrolls

Their effects are randomised on each playthrough

  • Can now set the direction your character is facing by holding Left Ctrl


  • Trap Tile skill updated
  • Can now drop up to 3 traps in a single-use
  • Range also increased to 2 tiles
  • Made dropped items more visible with light beams
  • The game now provides feedback to explain if and why a skill cannot be used
  • Enemy skills which have 2 stages are now
  • Updated knockback so if you are knocked back into a wall or enemy you become stunned
  • Updated how some potions work and extended how long they last for
  • Weapon redesigns

Staffs, Rapiers, Sword, Bows, Wands, Clubs, Axes, Daggers

  • Skill redesigns

Healing Solution, Death Sentence, Ice Tomb, Wind Torrent, Watch Your Back

Patch notes - Beneath The Six - v0.4.6


  • HEX-2319 Post score to the Leaderboard on Arena menu exit
  • HEX-2327 Add more feedback to the Init Loading UI

Bug Fixes

  • HEX-1657 Can be impossible to complete a floor if ice tiles are around the Portal
  • HEX-1662 Being hit by ice torrent on the same turn as a earth golem makes a wall can cause you to end up in the wall
  • HEX-2258 Thrown skeleton arms have no texture
  • HEX-2309 Volcaninic Fissure Desc broken
  • HEX-2311 Hud Values not showing for Damage Resistance
  • HEX-2316 If you get double rooted you can only destroy first root otherwise you are locked
  • HEX-2322 Frosty step ability is missing image
  • HEX-2323 Vampiric bunny on 0 health but still on tile
  • HEX-2325 Fix errors when Discord is not running noise

Patch notes - Beneath The Six - v0.4.7


  • HEX-2067 Environment Assets - Prop and Wall Assets
  • HEX-2206 Bomb countdown VFX / Stop the blink
  • HEX-2241 Hover over info on non-character objects on tiles
  • HEX-2348 Quake Strike - all enemies become rooted
  • HEX-2349 Arcane Pillar - three pillars + deal damage and rooting
  • HEX-2354 Electrify - damage taken at the start of turns as well as movement
  • HEX-2356 Trap Tile - traps are now permanent
  • HEX-2357 Plunder - only be used on an enemy from behind. When you plunder an enemy the target turns to face you
  • HEX-2358 Battle Rage - set damage increase; stays active as long as you keep hitting enemies
  • HEX-2359 Hurl Weapon - weapon returns to caster; damage is dealt to enemies there and back
  • HEX-2360 Bash - will always stun if bashed into a wall. If you bash them into another character they both take damage
  • HEX-2366 Implement robust checking for Arena Narrative generation in cloud & client
  • HEX-2382 Improve selling items UI flow
  • HEX-2384 Implement Cluster bombs - chain explosions
  • HEX-2385 Rework the shard blink
  • HEX-2386 Decrease target escape wave to wave 10
  • HEX-2387 Reduce maximum arena size by 1
  • HEX-2390 End of wave reward changes
  • HEX-2394 If a shard lands on the player's tile they should automatically collect it
  • HEX-2397 Leaderboard - Number of turns
  • HEX-2400 Randomly place shops and randomise number of them
  • HEX-2401 Remove the "Stealthed" floating text
  • HEX-2413 Find a way to better visualise the enemy difficulty tier at a glance
  • HEX-2420 Arena reward new - Leeching
  • HEX-2421 Arena reward new - Private Health Care*
  • HEX-2423 Arena reward new - Risky Bargain
  • HEX-2424 Arena reward new - Skill Chain
  • HEX-2425 Arena reward new - Efficient Skills
  • HEX-2435 Arena reward change - Work For Your Pay
  • HEX-2463 Stay turn based at end of wave
  • HEX-2496 Change how arena reward perks are chosen
  • HEX-2497 Sort out arena reward names and descriptions
  • HEX-2540 Make combat log more consistent
  • HEX-2543 Increase visibility of floor space tier indicators
  • HEX-2544 Add in new Arena Reward sprite icons

Bug Fixes

  • HEX-2312 When you do any displacement on an enemy who is doing two stage attack cancel it
  • HEX-2329 Homing shards have no range limit
  • HEX-2345 Remove Firestore to stop unhandled errors on Mac
  • HEX-2458 Inconsistent floor red tiles
  • HEX-2464 If multiple abominations, sometimes only one dies at end of the wave
  • HEX-2478 Big bomb glitch at the end of wave
  • HEX-2479 Cannot leave the tutorial back to the main menu
  • HEX-2480 Clearing traps at the end of the wave destroys inscription tiles
  • HEX-2481 Can destroy bombs in chain wand attack
  • HEX-2523 Abomination can destroy the outside walls of the arena
  • HEX-2526 Unable to finish Bonkers knock back status
  • HEX-2528 Electrify's static damage can leave enemy pawns on the field
  • HEX-2545 Shop container is using rewards container
  • HEX-2555 Staff AOE skill is compounding when upgrading/unequipping