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dNo Dice are the foundation of the dNo ecosystem.

dNo started with us wanting to create something beautiful, tactile and fun that could be used in all kinds of games - ones made by us or by anyone else. We thought dice was a great place to start. Not only are dice integral to many games, we also love the world of real-world collectible and artisan dice.

Dice can, of course, be used to generate random numbers, but we also love the idea that the physical qualities of dNo Dice can do much more.

In dNo, you'll be able to combine different dice together to make different Characters. The character will then take on traits of the dice - affecting their skills, stats, equipment and physical appearance.

Our first game, Beneath The Six uses dNo Dice to create Characters. Depending on the challenges facing players in a dungeon, one character might be better than another. Mixing and matching different dice combinations will allow players to find the best character for a given dungeon, or the best combination of characters when playing in co-op multiplayer.

Never Say Die

We're using the word 'dice' as both singular and plural. We know that's not strictly correct, but we prefer it. So there.

Free and paid for dNo Dice

Our goal is to always allow everyone to play our games for free, as much as they want. So, when we launch, we'll make some sets of dNo Dice available to everyone, for free.

But... we need to eat and pay the bills like everyone else, so we will also sell sets of dNo Dice. Having more dice will allow you to create a wider variety of Characters. We hope some players will choose to do this, as it will help us to continue to build our games and collectibles.

We also plan not just to sell dNo Dice, but to allow players to sell them (or give them) to each other too. Exactly how all this will work is something we're still working out - you can see our current thinking on this in the page on The dNo Ecosystem.